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Chris Phillips - Build Me An Empire

I had this album drop into my inbox just the other day from Chris Phillips with his new album build me an empire, a little bit about him he is a singer/songwriter from Aberdare in South Wales and this is his 4th album, one of his singles Set the world alight was the unofficial track that inspired Wales during the 2016 European Championships this lead to tv appearances and radio as well as supporting the Manic Street Preachers who had the official track to inspire Wales, at the teams homecoming concert in Cardiff. So, lets dive on in and have a listen to Chris’ new music.

The Album starts with Dreams some soft piano and guitar which lightens the heart and having some strings in the too gives it such a classic feel. Its short but sweet and a great start to the album which gives you a feeling that this is going to be a cracker of an album. Until we meet again has a beautiful sound with soulful lyrics and it shows off Chris’ range and his emotional sound. The track has some lovely light and shade and the musicianship has a great feel to it and makes you want more and want to know what’s round the next corner. If you like the scientist by Coldplay, then you will like this track because it has the piano based sound like it.

On the Road has a more rockier feel with some wailing guitars for those who love a good rock out then this is a track for you, it also has an indie feel to it a lot like how the feeling present their track with a lot of light and shade and some softer interludes including a guitar solo. Life’s a Dance  starts of in a soft style and full of storytelling, soft piano and acoustic guitar and as you come to the bridge the song picks up the tempo and the song comes to life with extra light and shade and the story has a 2nd chapter with a guitar solo for those who love a guitar solo.

Once upon a time has a synth feel to the beginning before the guitars come in and give it an indie edge in the way that The Verve did lucky man that’s how this track feels with excellent musicianship and storytelling which gives you the feeling of a festival where there the crowd is swaying along and really feeling the music that’s how this track feels and you cant fault it. The title track Build me an Empire has a futuristic feel to the beginning before the drums and acoustic guitar come in and change the style dramatically which will leave the listener really wanting more as it gives you a chance to bob your head and really feel  the music. It has so much storytelling and you really don’t want the track to end as it is so exciting to listen to. There is a lot of light and shade to the track which also gives it a feel of a Coldplay track with the guitars and drumbeats.

Loving you is easy is a more quiet track with a country feel with soft piano and acoustic guitar and the storytelling has an emotional feel to it as well and you can just feel the words hit you in the feels as they say and give you a side that makes this album so great to listen to with all the elements that it has and it isn’t all one genre it goes across quite a few to let the  listener dream away.

 To sum up the album I really enjoyed every track and it had such a breath of fresh air and coolness that you don’t hear in todays artistry, every track had its own feel, vibe and style which made it more exciting to listen to and I love it. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your album with us and I can’t wait to hear what’s next for you.


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