Chris JJ-Dreams Come True EP

Had this drop into my inbox the other day and thought I’d give this a little review for you; Chris is a new artist to me, so I am looking forward to reviewing this EP for him. Chris is an unsigned Welsh act all the way from Cardiff.

I Like Her starts off the album with a little bit of indie style, I like the sound and he has a great voice too, he is back with some guitar riffs and a bit of drums too. the track is one that is perfect for the summer as I can see myself sitting back and enjoying this track and picture long sunny days. it certainly has my head bobbing and it has so much light and shade with some spoken parts too.

Celebrity is a great track it really captures the music of today with the hint of 90s thrown in for good measure. This track has so much going on that it is exciting to listen to and makes you want more. It is cool and clear and is a joy to listen to, can see this track being great at a festival as it invites the crowd to come alive and really feel the track. Story starts off with some acoustic guitar and soft lyrics from Chris and this a feelgood track, it has great light and shade and also the lyrics are soft and make the song come alive, it also has a hint of reggae in it too which is a plus for me as its one style I love. Its got my vote if it ever came to a song writers vote.

I don’t know starts with some acoustic guitar before the track takes hold and comes to life again with sharp synths and brilliant vocals, the more I listen to this EP the more I love it, there is so much musicianship going on and the song has great light and shade and also it engages the listener. Lose Control is a modern track with all the components of music and rap, the musicianship again is absolutely on point and the storytelling really just makes you want more and the lyrics in the rap style are clear and understandable which adds to the track too.

To sum up the EP it’s a big yes from me and I hope that he makes more music as I want to hear more from Chris JJ, I loved the styles and it has and I really loved it, Thank you Chris JJ for sending your EP.


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