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Chasing Shadows - Fake Love

Usually I say I had this drop into my inbox in this case it didn’t drop into my inbox I chose this one as it’s the most recent single from a band I know personally called Chasing Shadows these guys are a local band to us at The Unsigned Reviewer and I have also interviewed 2 of the members on my radio show.

This single came out in earlier this year. A little bit of background on the band they are a 4 piece band from Rhyl in North Wales and their sound is best described as Indie/Pop/Rock but they are very creative and really don’t want to let a genre define them. So here we go let’s dive in and have a listen to their sound.

The track starts off with some wailing guitar and drums before they hit the crescendo button and their sound takes effect with great vocals from Sam the lead singer, they always tell a great story and they always make you wonder what’s next in the song as it has so much to it that you are excited of what sound will come next and add to the excellent sound that they already have.

There is plenty of light and shade to the track its not all heavy and not all softer it has the most amazing sound to it and its what these boys do best. I’ve listened to a lot of their music and they seem to get better as they have gone along and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next for them.

Thank you Chasing Shadows I love your music and I can’t wait to hear your new music.

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