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Chasing Shadows - Darker Days

Usually I say I had this drop into my inbox in this case it didn’t drop into my inbox I chose this one as its an older EP from a band I know personally called Chasing Shadows these guys are a local band to us at The Unsigned Reviewer and I have also interviewed 2 of the members on my radio show. This EP came out in 2018. A little bit of background on the band they are a 4 piece band from Rhyl in North Wales and their sound is best described as Indie/Pop/Rock but they are very creative and really don’t want to let a genre define them. So here we go let’s dive in and have a listen to their sound.

The EP starts off with Hollywood Girl which starts off with some heavy drum beat and the guitars come in to a fantastic crescendo. Sam the lead singer has a fantastic voice which is reminiscent of Kelly Jones from The Stereophonics. This is a track to really enjoy if you’re into the indie style which comes from the Cool Cymru era. I really enjoy this track and it has so much light and shade with a lighter verse and heavier chorus and could see these guys really storming Glastonbury one day with this track.

Open your Eyes this track starts off with some soft piano and a soft vocal again and some great work on the drums too which gives it great edge and is a lot softer than the opening track of the album. The Musicianship that these lads possess have really puts them up there with some of the best indie artists and I have to admit I love their music.

Twisted Love this track is a track that really has an amazing edge and they really present their music in a way that is different and every track is a different story and you always want to know what is next. There is a lot of light and shade and musicianship to keep you on edge of your seats if you’re not dancing about.

Rosie  is a more heavier track which you’ll love if you like the early music of the Manic Street Preachers or Kings of Leon, you can definitely bring out your air guitar and rock out to this track and enjoy the musicianship with heavy guitar and edgy vocals. Neon this again is one of the more heavier tracks of the album and it has lots of excellent musicianship and storytelling and although the verse is softer the bridge and chorus is heavier and you can enjoy a good guitar solo as well. There is plenty of elements to the track that again puts them up there with the greats of the indie greats.

Finally, we have Warning Signs this track really made me feel alive and to be honest gives me the feeling of a track by the killers in their Sam’s Town era. The way it starts is an instant feelgood and makes you get ready for what’s to come and technically just enjoy the rock out to it.

To sum up this EP I absolutely love these guys and I am so happy to give them a little review so that everyone can check them out. I love their musicianship, Storytelling and also that no track is the same you have so many different elements to every track and these guys are ones to look out for because they deserve to be at the top.


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