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Charlotte Bettson - Important to Me

Had this track drop into my inbox the other day from one of my unsigned artists I’ve had on my radio Show, Charlotte Bettson. I always look forward to receiving new music especially when its an artist such as Charlotte.

A little background on her she is from the Derbyshire in the UK and last year brought out her debut EP Overcoming Anxiety, her sound is best described as Pop and was shortlisted to support Rita Ora, The Vamps and Rak-Su at Derby Sound Festival. So, let’s have a listen to her new track Important to me.

The track starts in a poppy style with some drums, a little bit of synth to it and showing off her impressive range which has a little Irish lilt to it but it is so clear and you can really enjoy the storytelling of the track and enjoy the musicianship of it. There is a hint of Dua Lipa in how she delivers her vocals and makes a track come to life.

Having listened to her music in the past she just gets better with every song and this is one I could see her making the big time with and going beyond a support act she has headliner all over her style and  the song is just so empowering and you cant help but smile and say yes this is how life should be.

There’s lots of light and shade and the style in which the track is makes me want to listen again and again, its going on my Spotify playlist.

Thank you again Charlotte for sending us your track,  I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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