Cara Islay - Singles

Had some tracks land in my inbox today so I have started with the lovely Cara Islay with her tracks Roy Cropper Jacket, I ain’t no fool and Best for last so let’s see what she has in store

Roy Cropper Jacket

Starts of with a strong acoustic guitar which flows into a very strong rhythmical vocal which really tells a great story and I really enjoyed listening to the track.

I ain’t no Fool

Starts off with a lovely country style riff and a beautiful vocal and what I can hear from the demo it has the makings of a masterpiece which I could hear Shania Twain sing.

Best For Last

I feeling a country vibe with this song too, Cara has a beautiful tone in her voice and shows off an amazing range in this song. It’s very catchy and sticks in your head

Cara is a bright new talent and I’m looking forward to hearing more of her music. If you like easy listening country you’ll love her.


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