Caitlin Palm- Chase the Blues

I had this track land in my inbox just the other day and this lady is a new artist to us at The Unsigned Reviewer so I am really excited at reviewing this track.

This is Caitlin Palm and she is a Norwegian artist and songwriter and her sound is best described as country/pop, she writes her music together with Frode Martinsen who also producing her songs at a Velvet Recordings in Oslo.

The track starts off in a true country style and a lot of strings before the vocals come in and really add that extra sparkle to the song. You could be listening to this and immediately you are taken to the deep south of America and the country music heart land of Nashville. The track has a lot of light and shade which makes it so exciting and fresh and Caitlin’s vocals range is amazing. I really love this track and the musicianship is delight to listen to.

You could say that Caitlin has the voice like Shania Twain mixed with the music of Lady A and Martina McBride. I can see the track becoming a festival favourite as the audience would be attentive as she really owns the track and it has a chorus that they could join in with.

The track has really brightened my day and its been a pleasure to listen to, thank you for sending us the track and I ma looking forward to hearing what’s next.


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