Bryan Lanning - Same Town

We have recently been asked to review the brand new country album from Daily Bumps star Bryan Lanning. Anyone else who has kids under 6 years old will know who Bryan and Missy Lanning are, like with the millions of subscribers to their channel we have been hooked on their family since the beginning and we even had 'This Is Home' at our wedding ceremony. The YouTube star recently released Same Town.

This is the Californian's second full album and is the first album he has brought out in the country genre.

The album opens up on their current opening track to Daily Bumps, Hey. The song is very catchy and recognisable straight away. You are instantly drawn into singing along to the chorus of the song.

The second song on the album is a duet with fellow country singer, Rachel Talbott. Get Together is very bright, bubbly and energetic song. Bryan and Rachel's voices compliment each other well, they really suit the mood and the style of the song to a tee.

Country to Coast is next on the listings, this starts off with a lovely guitar riff from the opening bar. This really does catch you and draw you into the song and keeps you wanting to listen to more. One thing that is really starting to show on this track is Bryan's storytelling in his lyrics, this is shining through, especially on this track.

Next we have Palm Meets the Pine, this is very laid back, sitting in the back, having a drink, style song. Again the lyrics give you a visual of the story in your head. Little Bit Better follows this and this sounds a very personal song to Bryan. There's a lot of emotion in his vocal on this song. There is a really nice rise and fall to the song, this gives a really lovely build up to the chorus.

Follow The Palm Trees Home is next on the album, from the start you are hooked to the lyrics of this song. This is Bryans storytelling at its best and with the acoustic backing, his words and his story come to the forefront of the song. Could've Been is next and definitely a song for the open roads, windows down, country lanes. From the off it has a relaxing feel, it oozes summer days and great vibes.

Dripping Honeymoon is next and this starts off really melodic and shows off Bryan's sentimental side. This lovely ballad has a lovely folk vibe about it and is a lovely break in the albums main core.

Man Up starts off very soft and builds up to a big chorus. The chorus is quite anthemic when it does kick in. This would sit nicely at festivals as you can hear people singing along with the track. Love the Burn has a very strong and bold opening, this catches you straight from the start. Again his raise and fall in the track builds the song, this keeps you gripped throughout.

Golden State of Mind is next on the album, this is one of my favourite tracks on the album. This is a very strong song and its a song that would not be out of place in the current charts. The feel of the song is very current and fresh and the story behind the song shines through, to me it shows off his true love for his muse. Lyrically this is a very personal song for Bryan and this song has hit written all over it.

The final track on Same Town is the ballad called See the Stars. This is Bryan's vocal stand out track, with the acoustic backing, Bryan's strong ranging vocals come to the forefront of the track. This is a strong ending to the album.

Overall, Bryan is a very clever lyricist. His lyrics have a way of hooking you to the song and gripping you till the end of his story. The way in which his songs develop also keep you gripped, big choruses and epic rise and fall are great for listeners.

I think the album has a good few songs that could be singles, this makes the album very strong and one to listen too again and again. To me all the songs are relatable and give off good vibes.

We are massive fans of Bryan here at The Unsigned Reviewer and we cant wait to hear what comes next from this Country star.


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