Bronnie - R U The Same

From the outset you can clearly see that Bronnie is a very focused band who know their style, music and direction.

Bronnie who was named after their lead singer consists of three other members Peter Gebbie, Danny Boland on guitar and Chris Mitchell on drums. This 4-piece band are based with the United Kingdom and have released five EP’s and many other singles.

We have recently been asked to review their newest single R U The same which released two weeks ago. I actually watched the official video whilst reviewing the song. The video is so intriguing, you can see a lot of thought and hard work has gone into the production.

I love the confidence that reins from their lead singer,  you can see and definitely hear how passionate she is singing the lyrics and it really makes you want to listen to more. I must admit watching the video I was so mesmerised what would happen next it distracted me from the song, so I relistened to their remix on Spotify which also did not disappoint. The vocals and instruments flow together nicely and have a strong message to tell.  

If you like pop punk slash rock you will love this song and their music. It reminded me a little of paramore and just keeping you wanting more!

You can find Bronnie on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and their own podcast - @momsitsmylife.


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