Broke In Stereo - Johnny's Got A Gun

We have recently been sent the new single from Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Broke in Stereo and his track Johnny's Got a Gun.

The first thing that hits me is lyrics in the song really bring to light the back ground and the message that the writer has put into it.  The sounds and the music within the track add to the atmosphere and the anticipation that the message brings to the listener.  

The softness of the voice contrasts to the theme of the song which really makes it effective. A very professional sounding track, where the balance of instruments and sounds to voice is even and compliment each other well.  The harmony towards the end of the song is really effective for adding depth to the song, and keeping the listeners attention.  

Personally I feel the song is extremely powerful and is very anthemic in its story and addresses an issue that really does need looking at.

All-in-all, I like the song as it is telling a story based on real-life, and the elements of the song all fit well together.


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