Brittany McLamb - Wanted

We have been sent the new single from Country singer Brittany McLamb and her song is called Wanted. Brittany comes from the home of Country music, Nashville.

The song opens softly and melodically, this grips you from the start and makes you want to listen to rest of the song. One thing that strikes me straight away is how powerful Brittany's voice is. Big, powerful and anthemic chorus show the ability in Brittany's voice.

The lyrics are beautiful and this creates a wonderful story for the listener and shows Brittany's ability as a songwriter. There is a lovely rise and fall throughout the song and a big build up top the chorus, which keeps you gripped.

Overall this is an extremely catchy song and will have you singing along from the first time of listening. I do think this is going to be a very big hit in the country genre as it has all the ingredients for success, great storytelling, big powerful vocals and wonderful backing.

Thank you Brittany for sending us this wonderful track, this has definitely left us wanting to listen to more of your music and we cant wait to hear it.


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