Brittany McLamb- Crushin’ on You

Had this track land in my inbox the other day and having reviewed her new track Wanted we were asked to delve into her back catalogue, and I chose this track from last year.

A little background on Brittany she is a Contemporary Country Artist from Salemburg, North Carolina, USA and is described as a small-town girl with big vocals who was immersed in Country and Gospel music from an early age.

The song starts off nice and fresh with beautiful lyrics and lots of light and shade. Brittany’s Vocals are clean, and her range is amazing. The track has a jolly feel to it and its one id be listening to again and again because of how beautiful it is and a pleasure to listen to. I could see this song being used a t festival as its ones you could get the crowd involved with and they would absolutely love it.

The musicianship of the track is of an extremely high standard and it really adds to the track and makes it really pop. The country vibe it has to it is very modern and id say that her vocals remind me very much of Lady A’s lead singer Hillary Scott, I could just close my eyes and see this song being played by Lady A that’s how fantastic this track.

I can’t wait to hear more from Brittany as she is fantastic and thank you for allowing us to review more of your music.


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