Breaking The Undertrow - You Don't Get Me High Anymore

We have been sent the new single by Breaking The Undertrow. The Canadian singer has released a cover of you Don't Get Me High Anymore originally a hit for Phantogram.

You Don't Get Me High Anymore opens with a heavy guitar riff which captures you straight away and definitely turns you head. It will get your head bopping from the opening bar.

The heavy and light shades from the song stand out with the rise and fall of the track, a big build up for the chorus and a little more gentle approach during the verses.

The vocals are very well matched as well, the male and female voices blend well together and the transitions between the voices are very smooth. The harmonising is very tight also, this is a big stand out point of the song.

Overall, Trevor has created yet another great song and one that will sit nicely in playlists for people who like their music a little heavier. I enjoyed the transitions of heavy and light throughout the track and for a cover Breaking the Undertrow really made this their own.

This will do well for this exciting band and we cant wait for more music from them in the near future.


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