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Brandon Bing - Florida Man

Had this drop into my inbox the other day and I thought id look into him before I reviewed the EP. Brandon comes from Florida, USA and he describes his music as Rugged, down home lyrics using a creative blend of wordplay and relatability. He also wants to rewrite history by creating music containing traditional country music with a deep southern twang.

Barns, Babes and Bourbon

A strong start with a lead guitar and great vocals, it got me tapping my foot whilst writing this review and it is very much traditional country but with some modern twists to it. Brandon has a good storytelling voice and it really is one for people who like the Nashville style of country. It also has a guitar solo in the middle as well which allows you to get out your air guitar and for the line dancers work on a routine.

Tangled Up

This has a softer start and more softer vocals that allow you to hear Brandon’s vocals more as he tells you the story, it takes on a more acoustic feel than the opening song of the album. I love the amount of light and shade that this song has and its one to sit back and relax to and I envision it being about a couple dancing their first song for their wedding with how soft it is and its also such a lovely track and reminds me a lot of Amazed by Lonestar too.

Country Fried

Starts of with the country style guitar and the vocals of Brandon are soft again, the organ in this song really adds to the style and its one that again you could sit back and relax to and is one for the fans of traditional country music. The song has so much light and shade and I really think this track has amazing musicianship and when it ends with some violin you know that you’re listening to country at its purest.

County Road

Starts off with a bang of the drums and the lead of a violin before Brandon brings in his amazing vocals and its one the line dancers with love with the tempo of how this track is and its such a sweet song and again the purists of traditional country will love it and I get the feeling this guy could be a showman if he ever went to a festival, the musicianship is just off the scale as both Brandon and his band really know how to get the listener engaged with their songs. This is one for fans of The Mavericks as it reminds me of their early music.

Smokey Bars and Guitars

Starts of it’s in the unique country way of how Nashville intended and the tempo again is one that the line dancers with love and the words of the song really give you the feel of the proper southern style that Brandon intended to be. The light and shade really makes you feel that you’re imagining yourself in a pub watching the line dancing and listening to Brandon and his band as the headliners of the night, so pull up a chair and grab your Stetson its country night.

Back Porch

Back to the softer side of country and lovely words again from Brandon I love how he tells a story and this is no exception again as he again has you drawn in and wonder what story he will tell you next in his album of brilliant tracks. I love how the light and shade of the song and the musicianship tries to take your mind off this song being the last song in his storybook. You can imagine yourself being in a warm comforting seat and you’re taking the fresh air in and loving the relaxation of this track.

To sum this album up, it is one amazing album and definitely one for all country fans whether you like the pure country style or the more modern crossover, I love this album and I cant wait to be playing some tracks off it for him on my show when I resume. If Nashville were a person, they would be immensely proud of this album and how dedicated it is to the deep southern style in which it was intended to be. Brandon has an amazing voice and love how he uses lots of light and shade and musicianship.

It’s a must to listen to for a chillout too, thank you Brandon for letting me review this.


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