Bonze -Don’t Wanna Go Back

I had this fresh into my inbox just the other day from Pop-Alt band Bonze and they have a brand-new track out called Don’t wanna go back. They have been championed by the BBC as one to watch and bring a mellow blend of electronic beats and luring vocals in their new track. They are inspired by the alternative 80s, so this sounds totally up my street so let’s dive in and have a listen to their new track.

The track starts with a synth style which leads into the opening vocals, it has a great feel about it from the first note and the style is in the style of The Human League with Jack the guy behind Bonze showing off a great range of voice. He has a great storytelling element behind the track and you just want to hear what’s to come next in the track as well as hearing so much great light and shade.

You cant help but bob your head and feel the music as its one that the children of the 80s will love and have on their playlists and I know I will be adding it to my Spotify.

You can just imagine this being played out at Glastonbury as it will really get the crowd involved and they will join in with the lyrics too.

Thank you for sending us your track Bonze I can’t wait to hear what’s next for you.


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