Bondy- Tonight Belongs to Us

Had this song land in my inbox the other day, so I had a look at the background of this gentleman and he is singer from March in Cambridgeshire and although he has written a lot of music this is his first venture into published music on streaming sites.

The song starts with a beautiful dream like piano and deep vocals, Bondy tells his story as though it is straight from the heart and it is very heartfelt and if you close your eyes you can visualise a starry night with a nice breeze and it is also very laid back. I could see this song being used by a married couple for their first dance with the way that the musicianship has been used with piano and soft lyrics, listening to them deeply brings a tear to your eye.

The song isn’t long and it leaves me wondering what will come next as I am sure that I will hear more from this gentleman judging by his back catalogue that I have heard whilst researching him ahead of this review I’d like to see if some of those songs will be used.


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