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Big B ft Georgette Jones- Walk With You

Bjørn Vidar Amdal, better known as Big-B is a (singer / songwriter) and a well known country artist. Big-B has 32 years of country music experience, and has entertained on most Norwegian music scenes from Haugesund in the west to Våler in Solør in the north-east.

On this single he has enlisted the vocals of Georgette Jones for this track. Nashville meets Norway is definitely a great collaboration.

The first thing that strikes me about the track is how firstly Georgette has a lot of Shania Twain about her voice and Big B is filling the vocals of The Mavericks front man Raul Malo. Secondly their voices, in harmony, really compliment each other so well.

This is a beautiful song, Country does have some amazing love songs and this is another one for is very current, really heart warming and has a massive passion in the performance that makes you believe every word the singers are saying,

Nashville meets Norway really is a wonderful collaboration and this is a wonderful, beautiful song, a song that shou”d be a really big country hit.

Overall, this Is a beautiful song, a song which I think is an extremely strong single and will definitely do well in the country scene.


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