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Bailey Tomkinson - Silent Suffering

Cornish singer/songwriter Bailey Tomkinson is proud to release her new single “Silent Suffering”, a song that was written shortly before lockdown about putting on a brave face to mask internal anguish, loneliness and depression - lyrics that have become even more resonant as so many face isolation as a result of Covid.

The song reached no.1 on the UK iTunes all-genre music video charts and no.1 on the UK Country iTunes Singles chart and after just one listen it’s easy to see why.

Personally this is one of the best songs I have had the pleasure of reviewing, the message behind the song is heart wrenching to begin with. The song itself should easily be top 5 of the main stream charts.

You can here a Bruce Stpringstein influence in her music, Big building verses, anthemic choruses, every bit more delicious than the next. Most recently Sam Fender and The killers have had songs of this magnitude and elegance.

If your a lyricist you’ll love this song, the story telling and the wording is really hearts wrenching, but also the way in which Bailey tells the story, it’s so personal that you feel with her in the story all the way.

Overall, hit hit hit. Amazing song, amazing production, amazing story. This is a real contender for our song of the month award.

I can’t wait to hear what comes next from Bailey as this was something special.


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