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Ayesha - If I Loved You

We have recently been sent the brand new single from Country star, Ayesha. If I Loved You is the lead single from Ayesha’s up and coming album Nocturne.

Ayesha has been recognised all over the world for her songwriting and performances and after huge success from her critically acclaimed debut album, she returns with her newest album ‘Nocturne’. Ayesha has always been a true creative spirit which is reflected in her dreamy and eclectic album which showcases her love for Country, Rock, Americana and Blues music.

From the big, bold opening of the song you are gripped to the song. It catches your imagination straight away with the rise and fall of the song. This builds great tension and gives the lyrics a lot of emphasis.

Ayesha seems to be in two minds on the song, her lyrics and story seem to play the idea of her making her mind up if she did love the character she is singing out.

The song is right up with the current country trend and would easily go straight to number one in the country charts. I also think this style of act is vacant in the current mainstream of the music industry thus leaving the way for Ayesha to make a big name for herself commercially.

Overall, we feel Ayesha has a very strong lead single that will definitely sell her album on its release in a September, this song definitely does wet your appetite for more. We are expecting big things from this Country star in the future and we can’t wait to give the new album a whirl very very soon.


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