Atlantic Drive - Same Side, Different Story

Had this EP drop into my inbox the other day and thought let’s give this a little review for you all to read. This is Atlantic Drive they were formed in 2011 in Newcastle, England they describe their music as heartfelt with a rock/blues riff.

They had recently been working on other projects but have come back together with their new EP. The album starts with Change which has a great start with some rock, great drumbeats and vocals which remind me of fellow north eastern band Maximo Park. The track has great light and shade and isn’t too heavy it’s great for those who love indie music with plenty of chances for some air guitar. Glasgow Blues is a great track with plenty of guitar riffs and a vintage sound like its being played through a gramophone for the first part of the song and its great to tap your foot to as well, the musicianship of this band is absolutely endless and I love it especially with the light and shade of each track.

Laughs and Cries starts of a little slower than the previous 2 songs but it speeds up and takes on the kind of tracks you hear with McFly, each track is its own story and it makes you want to listen more and finally Seatoller is a track which has its own stamp written on it and has plenty of chance for the listener to join in and its definitely a summer feelgood track as its one you’d hear at a festival and plenty of chance for the audience to join in.

It’s definitely an album for the summer and I will be giving Atlantic Drive some airplay once I am back in the studio, these have been one of the best I’ve reviewed so far so my summarisation is if you like your music nice and indie then you’ll love this group and my Spotify playlist is calling. Thank you for your EP guys can’t wait to hear more.


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