Asher Knight - Without Us (DJ Owen Remix)

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We have recently been sent the brand new remix of Asher Knight's song Without You. Asher is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Bradford, UK and previously released Without Us in April and the song was a massive hit then and we are sure it will be an even bigger hit now.

From the opening bar of the song, the whole feel of the song oozes summer, parties and dancing. This is a real feel good track and one that will get you dancing from the word go.

Asher has a great vocal on this record and it really stands out, its fresh and very current, you can tell he has a big career ahead of him. This song will be a massive hit in all the nightclubs and bars throughout the UK once lockdown has fully finished and will fill the floor with party goers.

The track has great bounce to it, you are bopping along with the song from the opening of the song, by the end of the song you want to be out of your seat, dancing round. The rise and fall is very catchy, the is a big build up to the chorus and also the the beat drop in middle of the song.

Overall, this is a great song for all the party goers and people who like summer vibes in their music. I think Asher has a really big hit on his hands with this song as its very current, very catchy and a song I'm sure that has a massive market for listeners.

We really enjoyed this track and thank you for Asher for sharing this with us, we cant wait to hear what comes next from this young Yorkshire Lad.


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