Almost Autumn-Blue Angel

Had this track drop into my inbox just the other day and the artist is new to us at The Unsigned Reviewer so I’m looking forward to hearing what this artist has to offer.

So, this is Almost Autumn she is a singer songwriter from Liverpool, UK and she describes her sound as Pop, so let’s dive in and have a listen to her track Blue Angel.

The track is very acoustic, and guitar based, it’s incredibly soft and sweet and I love how pretty it sounds and the story of the song is beautiful too. Her vocal style is soft and has a very country style to it. There is so much vulnerability in the track and its beautiful and has so much light and shade, you cant help but have a big smile on your face listening to the track because of how lovely it is.

Even though its just vocals and an acoustic guitar it gives you the feel that there are more people there and that’s what makes this song so special. People best be on the lookout because Almost Autumn is on your tail, I will be listening to more of her music and adding her to my Spotify playlist.

The song is feelgood and you can sit back and unwind at the end of a heavy day or on a lazy afternoon with a good book.

Thank you for sending in your track Almost Autumn I can’t wait to hear what’s next from you.



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