Alexa Valentino-Awake at Night

I had this track drop into my inbox the other day and I was excited at the prospect of reviewing anew artist to me and seeing what their sound is. So, this is Alexa Valentino she is a Singer-Songwriter from New York.

Alexa has had lots of success song writing for other artists, film, TV, Adverts and Commercials. She is also an actress and has had many roles in regional and Off-Broadway productions.

Today we will look at her newest track Awake at Night so here goes.

The track starts off in a crescendo of strings before the track warms up and you can hear Alexa’s soulful voice, she has a hint of Ariana Grande to hear voice and the track is enjoyable and I like to hear lots of light and shade which Alexa has and she has an impressive range and the musicianship is modern and it’s a head bopper and I can just see her singing this track on stage and the crowd believing every word that she is singing.

There is a great story withing this song and it makes you want to hang on every word and wonder what is next in the story.

All in all I’m impressed by this track and its one that I can see being played a lot on my show once it comes back, Thank you Alexa I cant wait to hear what is next.


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