Adele and Andy-Where I Belong

Adele and Andy-Where I belong EP.

I was recently sent the new EP by one of the finest Country Music duos I have come across, Staffordshire’s own Adele and Andy. A little nit about them they are Husband and wife and have been in the business only a shirt time but feel like they been there longer with their mix of modern country music. Let’s have a listen to see what their new EP has to offer.

The EP starts off with Echoes of The Forest, this shows off the vocals of Adele and her beautiful tone and has an acoustic feel to begin with but picks up a pace to give it a feel of a track that would get a crowd going and its one that they can sing along too as well. The musicianship of this duo is amazing, and they have become a regular on my radio show too as they cover their life experiences and write from the heart.

Misty Eyes is a track that was released ahead of the EP and it charted at number 5 in the UK Country iTunes chart, the track has a rockier feel than the beginning track and you can hear why it charted so high as it really captures your attention as it flows so well and gets your head bobbing and feet tapping too. This track shows off Andy’s musicianship as he adds the edge to it that sets it alive.

Where I Belong the title track of the EP has a feel of the true Nashville country and it has my attention from the first note and this track has a you must listen to me and enjoy because that’s how great this track is and every track, I have heard from them there are no tracks that I can say its not their standard because they have such amazing standards.

Final track on this album is No More Goodbyes it starts of soft with the wailing americana feel to the track and Adele has shades of Shania Twain in her voice with this track, its one that you could listen to when you need that push towards meeting your ambitions in life, I love this track and its one to give you feelgood when you need that hug.

To sum up the EP I love it and I can see this charting quite high again when it is released, love it and love Andy and Adele keep making amazing music guys and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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