Adele and Andy- Watch over You

Had this album drop into the inbox just the other day from one of my Artists of the week Adele and Andy. Having heard their music before I am really excited what they will have on this album. So, a little background on them they are Husband and Wife and they come from Staffordshire in the UK and their sound is acoustic country, they only started last year performing as a duo and this is their debut album. In their first year of performing they were awarded acoustic duo of year by Mark’s Readers Choice Awards.

So, lets dive in and have a listen to the album.

The first track on the album is How could anyone starts off in the true acoustic style and we are treated to Adele’s beautiful vocals, she has a soft tone to her voice and her range is fantastic too, she tells the story of the track with lots of light and shade, I love how the track has so much musicianship and there’s such a fresh feel to it. The tempo of the track changes towards the end only slightly but it is still a great track full of warmth and is great to listen to.

Watch over You the title track is a little faster than the previous track and again it shows off Adele’s really great vocals and Andy’s Musicianship, this duo is definitely one to look out for on the bigger stage because this again is a track full of warmth and the light and shade makes it so exciting to listen to and the storytelling of the duo is something different yo what I’ve heard previously.

A love that is rare this track has more of a rick guitar to it and slightly away from the country roots that they are known for. The track is lovely and really shows off the vocal range that Adele possesses and taking a different edge to the track really shines through that they can take on anything and really make it a gift to listen too. Me Too this track reminds me a lot of a Coldplay track and the storytelling of it is beautiful and the tempo really makes this track one of my favourites from the album, its one that I shall be having on my Spotify playlist for sure. It has lots of light and shade and if you like the slower temp track of Coldplay then you will love this track too. You can always tell a lot about artists by how they present, and I have to say this duo are of a high standard.

In my Shoes and Anxiety are tracks about one thing that is close to my heart Mental Health, thank you for not shying away and talking about it as it needs to be, both the tracks tell such a fantastic story about living with mental health problems and the musicianship that  goes with them go hand and hand, they bring it to life and Adele tells these stories from her own heart and I love this.

Morning Light this track is so soft and really makes you feel the story that they are telling and the musicianship together with lots of light and shade really have the right recipe that everyone should be listening also has a guitar solo for those who love a bit of the old air guitar as well. I am transported to Nashville with sound of this track as they go to their roots with this track.

To sum up the album I have really enjoyed listening to it and enjoying the tracks and the musicianship, it gets a big thumbs up from me and I really hope this gets them seen in the big time as they deserve it.

Thank you Adele and Andy I can’t wait to play some of these tracks on my show once I am back in the studio.


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