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Adele and Andy - Set You Alight

Had a message just the other day from Andy Wagg who is one half of the duo Andy and Adele and they have a brand new single out called Set you Alight and we have been given early access to the track so we can review it for you wonderful people.

I reviewed their album last week and absolutely love it so I’m looking forward to hearing this new track. So, lets dive in and have a listen to Staffordshire’s finest duo.

The track starts off in a true country/Americana style with soft drums and violins which gives it a feel of the deep south and great vocals from Adele who tells a lovely story and uses her amazing range to make the song really come alive. There is a lot of light and shade, a soft verse and strong chorus line and this sure to be a hit for all who love the more softer type of Country rather than the full on boots and buckles line dancing style.

There is a great story to the song and they always have a story to tell that always has you wondering what’s next in the story and you don’t want the end to come. I always love a good country feelgood track, and this is one that is relaxing, and you can listen to whilst you’re relaxing.

Love this track thank you again Adele and Andy, can’t wait for what’s next to come.


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