3RVD - Space That Works

I had this track come into my inbox on Instagram the other day from a new artist to us at TUSR  so this is 3RVD they are an artist and producer from London, UK they draw inspiration from different genres and their sound is best described as Twenty One Pilots meets the UK garage scene in a rock club playing emo tracks and a bit of pop in there too. Let’s dive in and listen to their track Space that works.

The track starts with a clash of musical style before the vocals come in and add an extra edge and I love the vocals of Brad the guy behind 3RVD as he has such soul in his voice and the backing vocals has a distorted sound but it works so well with the track and the musicianship of the track. I would best describe the track as different and if you like the 90s boybands with a mixture of electropop on top then this artist is your guy and I love it.

He tells a great story and the light and shade of the track is a joy to listen to. This track would go down so well with the music that’s out today and I hope that Brad is noticed for this as he has put together a monster of a track. The track has festival winner all over it and I can just imagine the crowd really feeling the track and singing along.

Thank you for sending us your track and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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