The Feral Ghosts Serpentine Love and Blood

I had these tracks come into my inbox just the other day and these are a new band to us at The Unsigned Reviewer and I’m looking forward to hearing their music, so a little bit about The Feral Ghosts they are from Chicago in the USA and their sound is described as Motorhead and Joy Division met up at a 90’s Queens of the Stone Age concert so I’m guessing we have a rock/electropop fusion going here so let’s dive in and have a listen.

Serpentine Love is a heavy rock sound plenty of heavy guitars and lyrics delivered in a unique way which is very different in a good way and its great to hear different styles of vocals and musicianship, I could see this being well played at a festival as it will get those who love a good rock really feel the music. It has great musicianship and lots of light and shade which makes the song so much more exciting and ready to listen to. If you love a bit of guitar solo and air guitar then you will love this track as you can really rock out to it.

Blood has plenty of heavy rock sound although like Serpentine love this track isn’t as dark and you can hear the vocals a lot better as the music isn’t as heavy and it reminds me of some of the heavy tracks that Muse have done in the past and you can just hear Matt Bellamy singing the tracks with his falsetto and the wailing guitars. The track again has lots of light and shade and I love the musicianship of this track and it has such an edgy feel to it that makes you want to listen to its story again and again.

Both tracks are of a fantastic standard and I like them both a lot as they offer something different in each song, if you like things heavier you’ll love serpentine love and if you like it a bit softer verging on Indie then you’ll love Blood.

Thank you for the tracks guys and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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