Michael Butera - The Green Garden

We have recently been sent the brand new single from Australian singer/songwriter Michael Butera. Michael is based in Melbourne, but has also worked out of Canada and America so he is not shy when it comes to his music.

The song opens up melodically with piano, this base then sees the song grow and Michael's vocal ability comes to the forefront of the track. 'The Green Garden' has a real cinematic feel to it and would not be out of place in films that are trying to create tension in a sense.

I am a massive fan of the rise and fall of the song, you can tell that the main message of the song is in the chorus, as this is acoustic and really catches the listeners imaginations from the softness of the backing, this makes the lyrics stand out also.

There is a lot of emotion and tension in this song and you can tell from this that he is missing his significant other, this makes it a very personal song and me a listener can relate to the song through this emotion.

Overall, this is an amazing song and I'm sure this song will do extremely well for Michael. I loved the cinematic feel to the song, the tension, the emotion and how the song captivates you as a listener.

Thank you Michael for sending us your wonderful song, we at The Unsigned Reviewer will definitely be keeping a close eye on your career as we are sure you will do extremely well.


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