Georgie Chard - Still hurting

We were recently sent the new single from Cardiff based singer/songwriter Georgie Chard, this is her single called Still Hurting and was released on all streaming and download platforms on 17th June.

From the beginning of the song you can tell the message behind this song is a very powerful and emotional message that is felt by many people across the world in the current situation.  

The vocals go very well with the tune of the song and the song is put together very professionally.  The tempo of the song is very fitting and it is a very moving song, with a soft voice.  I enjoyed listening to this song as there is lots of deep and meaningful lyrics that hit home about what is going on right now.   I feel that this song will be a great hit and will be a way of letting people channel their emotions and connect with one another during grief.  

All-in-all, the song is a very good song, that many people across the world will be able to relate to. We cant wait to hear what comes next from Georgie.


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