Darla Jade - Two of You

Had this exclusive track from one of my unsigned artists come into my inbox just the other day and I am excited at the prospect of reviewing Darla Jades brand new track Two of you, having heard her music before I am ready to hear what she has to bring to the table this time.

A little bit of background to her she is from Staffordshire in the UK and has recorded a lot of material out in Thailand and her sound is best described as Electro-Pop so this should be right up my street. So here goes let’s see what Darla Jade is bringing to the table this time.

It starts off with some bass before Darla Jades vocals come in, she has some beautiful sound to her voice and I really love it.

The song has a lot of light and shade, a nice light verse and a proper head bopper of a chorus which will get everyone singing to this track. The storytelling is of a high standard and she always has you wonder what she has next in the songs story and leaves you wanting to hear more.

I must admit this track has got to make it big and so has Darla Jade because she can really have a great son and really own it. Look out pop charts this girl from Staffordshire has a big voice and big song to really get your head turning. This song can make it a festival hit the chorus has the chance to get the audience joining in and the arm waving too.

I love this track and really can’t thank Darla Jade enough for sending us the track I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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