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Kezia Gill - Another You

A bit of country mixed with a rock guitar is always great to hear and this is true with this brand new single from Kezia Gill. She has a...

Taynee Lord - No God of Mine

Brand new single from Taynee Lord and the Crookes, was ready for the country style that she is famous for and I wasn’t disappointed. This...

Jordan O'Keefe - Honest

'5 Clock in the morning' and thats it your already gripped to the song from the opening line. Jordan's new single Honest is definitely a...

Charlotte Young - Whiplash

Another debut single sent to me today and another great song that will have your feet tapping along. Scarlet River Management have found...

Olivia Deane - Cynic Queen

Every now and then I get sent some exclusive tracks and a massive thank you to Olivia for letting me listen to Cynic Queen before the...

Boxes - Bad Bones

Boxes are a new modern country band that have recently come to my attention from a good friend of mine who sends me some amazing acts to...

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