Luke Wealthall - This Household

We have recently been sent the new EP from Luke Wealthall. Luke is a singer songwriter from Pembrokeshire in Wales

This Household:

Very emotional song, you can clearly see that he has an emotional connection with the lyrics that he is singing and he has painted a very accurate picture of the circumstances.  The tune is good and the lyrics are well put together, but maybe there needs to be a little more variation, or maybe a bigger change of tempo for the chorus so that there is more of a climax to the song.  All-in-all, it is a very good song that I would download and listen to, and is a good way of expressing emotions during this unprecedented time.

First Class Ticket To Mars:

Not as good as This Household.  The baseline through the whole song is the same and again there is no distinctive transition from verse to bridge to chorus.  The lyrics are good and you can tell that there has been a lot of hard work go into the song, but there just needs to be more of a variation.  An effective part of the song that did grab the listeners attention was the fade which was followed by the chorus again, this was good.  Overall, the song is okay but I do feel as though there is work to be done.  

Fade Away:

Emotional subject and lots of effort has gone into the song.  Same theme of the baseline being the same all the way though the song, and struggle to find the transitions from each element of the song to the next.  Another slow but meaningful track.  All-in-all, it is a good song but there needs to be more variation as the songs all sound similar due to their nature.

I’ll Be There ft. Grim Sickers:

More of an upbeat tempo from the start, also a variation of the baseline from verse, to bridge, to tempo which was good.  Was also good to see there being a change of style with the rap part towards the end of the song.  That was a very refreshing touch to the song and made the song differ from other songs - the collaboration was a great idea!  Overall, this would be a song that I chose to listen to and download and I do think it is a very good song.


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