Haydn Davies - Memory Miles

Had this land in my inbox the other day to review so I thought id give it a little review for you all, this gentleman is from Wellington in New Zealand he describes his sound as eclectic so we make our minds up on his genre. He is also a multi-instrumentalist too, so his music sounds exceptionally good before I’ve even started.

Shine your light on me

First track on the album starts of with a bit of a church organ before going into more of an indie style, I feel this track is absolutely screaming to me you’re going to love this. The musicianship is so good, and I love how the story is told and it’s a foot tapper for sure. This song reminds me very much of Catfish and The Bottlemen and just listening to this track really gives me a feelgood in my heart.

Round to my way

Piano beginning with some indie guitar style but the drums come in to start the tempo of the song. Again, the storytelling from Haydn is amazing and his vocals are so clear that you can hear every word and syllable and I don’t have to strain to hear what he is singing about. Again, it has a feelgood element to it and is slower than opening track, but it is still as amazing. He also gives you a riddle with the begging of the lines and it gets you thinking and wanting more that you don’t want to stop listening. It also has a great guitar solo and shows off his versatility with his musicianship.

Head over Heels

Not abba or Tears for Fears but Haydn Davies spinning us another track starting with a strong piano, instantly it reminds me of The Feelings Rose. Its another softer track from Haydn and I like it and I love again the words and the musicianship, he tells a story that hang on every word and want the next chapter of the story he is telling as you like it so much. You could play this at a festival, and it would be one for the audience to join in with as it oozes that style of amazing musicianship.

And the Bridge Come Down

The start is very good for those with tinnitus like my good self with the water sound its soft before the vocals and acoustic guitar, this has a folk style to it and it such a lovely song and the words are strong and listening to it I’m absolutely hooked on how well Haydn puts amazing songs together and makes me want to listen to more. It’s a foo tapper and I could almost imagine me listening to this song when I need that pick up in life as the way the music crescendos it gives you the feeling of wanting to smile, I love the way there’s a medieval element at the end too as it shows the musicianship off

Mona Lisa

This again is a pretty little track starting off with some soft piano playing, I close my eyes and imagine watching a river flow whilst listening to this song. It has such a soft nature feel to the start of this song before a second verse picks up the rhythm and I love this track very much; I can see myself waving my arms around. If you love the feeling, you’ll like this track too. There’s so much light and shade to the song and the vocals are amazing from Haydn and the musicianship plus the style is spot on with everything I like to listen to.

Blind (The Red Balloon)

Starts of very folk like almost like country and you hang on to every word as Haydn tells a story yet again which is so interesting. The Acoustic way to finish the album is spot on although I’m sad to hear it end. It has so much light and shade and I love the warmness of the vocals too. You can almost vision the red balloon in the sky, and you can see it going higher as the song goes on.

To sum up this album up, I love it and I can’t wait to be able to give this a play on my show as every song I loved and I was sad to hear each song end as I was fully engrossed by each song and the different style and musicianship that each one brought. Can see Haydn making bigger noises in the industry with this album.

Thank you for letting me review this Haydn your music is now going on my Spotify playlist.


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