Dan Jordan - Bronze and Blue

We were recently sent the new single by Dan Jordan, which is titled Bronze and Blue. Dan is a singer songwriter from Wales and this is the second review we have done for him after his very impressive first submission of Wine, Spirits, Tobacco.

Bronze and Blue continues Dan's amazing storytelling, with his very unique and distinctive voice this song has all the makings of being another great success for Dan.

One thing that always stands out for me is the backing of the song, I love a good tune, one that leaves you wanting to hear the rest of the song and keeps you gripped and Dan has this down to tee.

His storytelling is another stand out feature of Dan's songs, you get a sense of Bob Dylan meets David Attenbourgh, weird analogy I know but you have the Bob Dylan style of song mixed in with the silk and warming vocals of David Attenbourgh and this gives you Bronze and Blue.

I am a big fan of Dan and his music. His uniqueness and his originality continues to stand out and we cant wait to hear what is next from Dan.


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