Biddy Ronelle-Thrill

I had this track come into my inbox just the other day and I’m excited at the thought of reviewing new music and this is an exclusive track that The Unsigned Reviewer has been sent.

Here’s some background on Biddy, she is a talented singer songwriter and is a well-known stage performer here in the UK and internationally and she has also featured in London’s West End in The Blues Brothers. Her music is described as Gritty, Dark and Twisty Country Rock, so let’s dive in and be Thrilled by Biddy Ronelle.

The song starts off in the true country rock style and she has such a clear voice with such a fantastic range and lots of light and shade. The verses are nice and light and the chorus is strong and dark and is one I could see being played at a festival as the chorus could be classed as sing a long and its so airy too, the music is so deep south americana and if you’re a fan of Taylor Swifts early tracks and Lady A ‘s music as Biddys voice reminds me of the female lead singer Hillary Scott.

I love the musicianship of the track and what Biddy brings to it with her amazing vocals and it is sure to be a hit.

Thank you Biddy and I can’t wait to be able to play this track on my radio show once I’m back in the hot seat.


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